Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello World

Hi All,

I am glad to finally be back here.  I am sorry that I dropped off the earth for over a year, but I was battling an illness last year and it took all of my energy.  My family is of utmost importance, and between them and my job, I had no more energy.  However, I am back and would like to hear from others about their headcovering experiences. 

I recently went back to school for education, and almost laughed at my fellow students when I walked in the classroom.  First of all, I am the oldest by a good number of years.  Second, everyone looked at my headcovering before looking at me.  Seeing as this is a speech class, I told them all prior to the start that I am open to any questions they may have.  Although some of my headcovering sisters are a little more shy than I, I am open enough to disspell any myths people may have.  They were all surprised to find that I was not a Christian, but a Pagan.  Once we started talking, they eased up a bit with the staring, I was no longer an oddity.  I love younger folks, they still have the world to explore and discover. 

On a side note, I have recently embarked on starting my own marketing affiliation.  I am trying to earn enough money to work from home while in school.  Being sick reiterated how important family truly is.  I can go to school while my son is in school, and have more time to spend with him after schoool.  So if anyone is in need of affordable, non-government based, healt insurance, please check out my web site (I will be adding a banner)  I hope this post finds you well, and I look forward to catching up with you ladies, both here and on Mothering.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is of me diving in the Keys. I miss SCUBA diving so much! I may have been born under an air sign, but water is my element!

Pink scarf that I found on sale at Target! This is more the style I would wear at work, or running down the road to the fruit market. Quick, easy, and in my opinion, very feminine (oh goodness, our children will never have a strong chin!LOL)

I wear the anabaptist style covering when I am at home with my family. But put an outer covering on (sun hat/bonnett) when I leave the house just to be in the yard.

This is me about to go out shopping. Argh, the tag is showing! LOL

Ok, please be patient with me, I am learning! LOL This was such a cold day in SW FL that I was able to wear some of my heavier clothes.

Where do I start?

Since I could not figure out how to download pics onto my Mom website, I figured I would start a blog. Besides, I think us head covering Pagan Moms need to know that there are others of those out there!

I started covering 2 years ago, and finally started covering full time at work. I am studying Roman Recon Paganism, and other as much as I love to learn about different Pagan regligions. I will post pics of how I cover, and hope this works. If it does, I hope it will let other Pagan ladies know that they are not alone. More later, as I am trying to get dinner started also :-)..